Thursday, March 3, 2011

February Flashback

I guess you could say February was a busy month for me. I did a handful of cakes as well as some special things for Valentine's Day. This poker cake was a blast to do. However, I am used to using an edible image printer for things such as playing cards. This time I painted them by hand! Luckily I had the time to do it. An edible image printer uses edible ink and prints on a thin sheet of rice paper. This is how photos of people are usually translated onto cakes and can be used to make things very life like. Can't wait to get my hands on one of those : ).

This small Batman cake was for a birthday party, but once again, where is that edible image machine when you need it! I actually kind of like the way it looks hand painted. I used food coloring, so everything is edible!

Here are some of the specialty items I made for Valentine's Day. Cake Pops were a huge hit. They are just so tasty. It's one or two bites of cake and frosting mixed together. This makes it moist and chocolaty on the inside and the coating of white chocolate on the outside gives a crunchy contrast. So good. They come in other flavors, but I am convinced that nothing gets better than the chocolate ones.

Just a couple more cakes I did to conclude the month of February. The beach themed cake was a special cake made for a very close family friend to celebrate her 80th birthday. She loves Ocean City, so this seemed to fit the theme nicely. Everything is edible on the cake including the sea shells, chair and umbrella! It was chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache filling!