Monday, February 7, 2011

Cooking for Kids Sake

Cooking for Kids Sake is a Charity event hosted by Big Brothers /Big Sisters organization of Burlington, Camden, and Gloucster Counties. This was a tasting event that featured some of the top restaurants in the South Jersey area. I was one of the vendors and located in the "Celebrity Chefs" corner alongside Ed Battaglia from Hell's Kitchen!

I made a variety of different bite size goodies including salted caramel bars, my signature blueberry velvet cupcakes, flourless chocolate cake, cinnamon dulce, chocolate cherry cordial and chocolate PB cupcakes and cake pops. The peoples response to my table was excellent. I think everyone was impressed with not only the presentation, but the delicious taste. Blueberry Velvet was a total hit!

I met a lot of great people and made a lot of great connections that night. Cooking for Kids' Sake was such a wonderful event. It's good to know that people can be so giving and supportive of the children in need in our country. I was happy that I could be a part of something so great!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snowed In!

I've been back East now for a little over a month and I think it has snowed at least 10 times! Last week they were calling for 10-15 inches of snow! I decided to make use of my time in the house and do something constructive.

I have been getting ready for a charity event that I will be sharing a taste of my bakery with at least 300 people. I will have a table located in the "Celebrity Chefs" corner! I've never done an event like this, and I wanted to be prepared and look professional with my table display. One of the first things I need is a cake dummy to showcase on my table so that people will know my the services that I provide.

I love making sugar flowers. It is very time consuming and tedious, but perfect for a snow day. It took me most of the day to make just the flowers!

I then covered three styrofoam cake dummies with fondant and proceeded to decorate it as if it were a real wedding cake. The great thing about fake cakes is they last for years! I really wanted this cake to look nice on my table display, so I spent extra time making sure details were perfect.
Thanks to my being snowed in, I was able to be creative without worrying about deadlines!