Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snowed In!

I've been back East now for a little over a month and I think it has snowed at least 10 times! Last week they were calling for 10-15 inches of snow! I decided to make use of my time in the house and do something constructive.

I have been getting ready for a charity event that I will be sharing a taste of my bakery with at least 300 people. I will have a table located in the "Celebrity Chefs" corner! I've never done an event like this, and I wanted to be prepared and look professional with my table display. One of the first things I need is a cake dummy to showcase on my table so that people will know my the services that I provide.

I love making sugar flowers. It is very time consuming and tedious, but perfect for a snow day. It took me most of the day to make just the flowers!

I then covered three styrofoam cake dummies with fondant and proceeded to decorate it as if it were a real wedding cake. The great thing about fake cakes is they last for years! I really wanted this cake to look nice on my table display, so I spent extra time making sure details were perfect.
Thanks to my being snowed in, I was able to be creative without worrying about deadlines!

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  1. Good use of your time Toni. Your cake is beautiful as always!